We at Portraits by the Bay believe learning is a very personal and private process: there are simply no “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Our educational offerings are therefore, small in student number, flexible in schedules, and diverse in location and topic.

While learning digital photography in the studio or on location you or your group will have over 2 decades of experience at your fingertips. We will allow you to make a choice that is best for you. Your learning experience is sure to be personalized, engaging and above all, fun.

Some of our Workshop Experiences include:

Learning Your Digital SLR

Learn the Basics of Digital Photography

Presentation: Simple Framing

Photographic Composition

Digital Workflow and Storage

Having an overall understanding of the types or genres of photography is important for understanding where your own photography fits into the photographic world, and consequently the opportunities that are open to you.



Private Lessons:

We offer lessons in 2-hour increments, which are priced as follows:

2 hours: $260

4 hours: $480

6 hours: $660

8 hours: $800

9+ hours: $100/hour


4 people, 5 hours: $1600